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All about Hybrid Products

All about Hybrid Products

The term Hybrid refers to a mixture or crossing of different species or systems. In cosmetics, different active ingredients typically found in skincare are bundled with makeup in one product. By using different technologies, the individual product benefits are combined, complemented, and expanded.

This synergy, or fusion, in the market between skincare and make-up hybrids, maybe in response to consumers' elevated awareness towards ingredients, their understanding of overconsumption, their desire to want their products to perform, and the general ‘skinification’. This has led to a prominent rise in conscious consumption and skinimalism.

But what is Skinimalism?

 On the surface, ‘skinimalism’ might not roll out of the tongue effortlessly but as complex as it sounds, its meaning is rooted in simplicity. Coined by users on Pinterest, skinimalism is about stripping back your skincare, bringing your natural skin texture to the surface, and embracing slow beauty that supports sustainable skincare and clean products to nourish your best skin health.

Stripping back your beauty routines doesn’t mean removing effective products from your arsenal. The key is to find products that have a high impact and can tackle several concerns. The multi-tasking nature of products may make your routine easier to keep up with and impact positively on financial and environmental stability. This is why the rise of this trend has been through the drivers of the woke community - The GenZ.

Why is GenZ considering Hybrid products the Future of Beauty?

 Gen-Z has become more conscious regarding their beauty choices in the past few years and has also become a powerful catalyst for change. From advocating for smart makeup products to pushing for the elimination of animal testing, Gen-Z is shaping the industry with its conscious approach to beauty. The hybrid beauty trend that Gen-Z is actively promoting is expected to drive even more innovation in the cosmetic industry.

Their higher level of acceptance towards diverse individuals and how they portray themselves has drastically shifted the way the world idolizes beauty. With transparency and healthy skincare formulas at the forefront, traditional makeup styles are being replaced by dominantly powerful new products, the younger generation is looking for makeup that not only helps them express themselves but also brands that resonate with their own values.

The potential for growth in the hybrid makeup sector is immense and we expect it to become a significant player in the next few years.


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