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Why Woke

Why Woke

Have you been questioning societal norms and the existing paradigms that plague your every-days? Are you being vocal about these and refusing to take any NONSENSE that is racially sexist or unjust? If yes, you are part of the Woke community. Woke is described as being alert to racial or social discrimination and injustice. This along with being aware of what's going on in the community.

Beyond its historical history, the term is currently resonating with young people around the world through commonplace issues like the desire for honesty in beauty purchases.

Their “main spur to consumption”, of Gen Z habits, is the search for truth, in both a personal and a communal form. This makes Gen Z more passionate than millennials about buying products from brands that align with their values. And Gen Z’s values – social and environmental justice – matter hugely to business.

One of the concerns with the WOKE laws among Gen Z is the bias with cosmetics for different genders. 

As general perceptions of gender norms and identity continue to broaden with more and more people identifying as gender neutral, this has also opened up and debunked the perception of clothing and cosmetics being assigned for specific genders. 

Although the conversation concerning men wearing makeup has largely been taboo in the past few decades, in this new progressive society being built at the hands of Millennials and Zoomers (Gen Z), men’s makeup is now a multibillion-dollar industry. The notion of make-up being entirely exclusive to women is being challenged by modern men who think of masculinity in an alternative way. 

The revolution of men’s makeup is unstoppable, and regardless of what some may think, it is in no way tied to sexual orientation. Some straight men are wearing concealers to hide blemishes, as much as gay men who may experiment a bit more with colors, and vice versa.

Being WOKE has evolved beyond what it originally was. In order to communicate a clear message of proactive awareness in the industry and the globe, it is currently transforming into self-expression through beauty tools, and we stand by it.


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